‘Checkered Flag, Here I Come!’ | Life Captured

‘Checkered flag, here I come!’…okay, if you have any boy around you at all that is between the ages of about 2 years old to about 10 you are probably very familiar with the movie that line comes from…you guessed it, Cars.  We have even diagnosed our oldest (5 year old) with a very bad case of Cars obsession.

Well, every year NASCAR comes to Las Vegas Motor Speedway in a big weekend event.  This year I wanted to take my two Disney Cars obsessed crazies to see REAL race cars in action.  I mean they know a few…Kyle Busch (because he drives a car covered in M&Ms and they have that Hot Wheel), Junior (that might be because he is in Cars, albeit as his former red number 8), The King #43 (of course another Cars character), Jeff Gordon (though they know him as Jeff Gorvette, an American yellow corvette racer in Cars2)…you see a pattern here.  So it was time to take them to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for some real race cars. Read the rest of this entry »